Top 5 Web3 Design Agencies

Whilst web3 is an exciting new opportunity for brands and creators alike, it’s a specialist area that needs a specialist approach. Because of this, stepping into web3 can be daunting, and you’re probably here because you realise this and are looking for a helping hand from one of the world’s top web3 design agencies.

But which web3 agency is right for your project? We know there are tons of agencies out there, and it can be hard to differentiate one from the next. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find some of the top web3 design agencies in the space right now.

Why Use a Web3 Design Agency?

To make a standout impression in web3, you need to make a bold statement with both product and brand. In web3, this means understanding the nuances of blockchain technology and connecting with the ever-changing needs of the web3 community, challenges a traditional design company may not have tackled before.

When designing anything it’s important to have a strong understanding of the context of what you’re designing, this is especially important when it comes to web3. Finding a web3 design agency means you won’t have to waste time explaining the difference between a staking dashboard and a DEX, but it also means that the people designing your product actually understand the audience they’re designing for.

As a web3 brand, you also face unique challenges that many web2 brands don’t, one of these issues is around trust. Web3 brands have to fight a lot of misconceptions and sweeping generalisations that stem from bad actors and inaccurate perceptions of the space. Working with an agency that actually understands these unique challenges can have a huge impact on the design of your project.

If you’re looking to launch a new web3 brand or develop your existing one, then look out for a design agency that possesses a deep understanding and experience in the specific area where your project is being developed.

The most important thing you should look for when choosing a web3 design agency is their experience; the best way to check this is through the quantity and quality of case studies provided on an agency’s website. A strong and deep portfolio ensures the web3 agency is looking to advance the space, rather than just looking to ride the profitable coattails of web3 and NFTs.

The Top 5 Web3 Design Agencies

1. Avark

Avark – The Web3 Design Agency

Web3 Case Studies

Avark are one of the longest-serving web3 design agencies. Their website indicates that they exclusively work with web3 brands and have a range of experience across DeFi, NFTs, web3 gaming and more.

The Avark team appears to work with projects from ideation and discovery all the way through to technical execution. Their end-to-end work with the likes of Launchpool, a crypto launchpad, and the NFT game Nifty Football highlights this perfectly.

The content on their website and social media profiles also indicates that Avark put a lot of emphasis on the importance of user experience in web3. This means you can you rest assured knowing that behind all the great visuals will be smooth, seamless UX that creates a frictionless experience for your end user.

Their full range of services includes branding (brand identity and brand strategy), product design and development, website design, and web3 consultancy on projects.

Avark has worked with some recognisable names in the Web3 space such as Transak, KnownOrigin, and XCAD.

2. Supremo

Supremo – The Branding Disciples

Web3 Case Studies (GamiFi, Nifted, Cavenwell)

The team at Supremo specialise in brand design and brand strategy and have been developing the identities of web3 projects for over 2 years now.

Supremo was established over 13 years ago in 2010 and has worked with 100s of businesses across a range of sectors including FinTech, Gaming, Fashion and Pharmaceuticals; and they’re now bringing this experience to the web3 space.

The wealth of experience the Supremo team has gained has also provided great insight into how to differentiate your brand in the web3 space. One common issue that is often commented on in the web3 space is how similar the look and feel can be between different web3 projects. The addition of web3-native brand specialists to the team allows Supremo to go deeper and create brands for the individual areas within web3 rather than the space as a whole.

Supremo has helped to build strong brands in the Web3 space such as web3 Legal experts Cavenwell and NFT project Nifted.

Supremo can also roll your brand out across web and mobile by designing and developing your web3 website. In web3 your only touch point with your audience is often digital, which means that your website often acts as the shopfront to your brand, providing an opportunity to educate users about your project. The Supremo team worked with gaming and NFT project GamiFi to develop a unique one-page website, which ties together their E-Sports and Crypto-gaming audiences by creating a gamified look and feel with interactive 3D elements appearing as the user scrolls down the page.

3. Rumfoords

Rumfoords Metaverse Agency

Web3 Case Studies (Adidas | Into the Metaverse)

If you’re specifically interested in getting involved in the Metaverse, then you might be looking for a specialist that can take your brand furthest into the virtual world. They offer a ‘hands-on concierge’ service that promises to integrate so well into your business that they will be indiscernible from your internal teams.

Whilst there is some overlap with our previous two picks, Rumfoords offers mostly niche consultation to brands looking to breach the Metaverse specifically. They can identify your target audience and strategise how to hit them directly as well as provide Metaverse influencer research so that you can make partnerships in the space.

They also offer creative services to help develop creative user experiences in the Metaverse, strengthening your brand and attracting more people to take part in the growing space. With their links in the industry, they can connect your brand to web3 partners and vendors to encourage growth within your brand.

Your foray into the Metaverse couldn’t be safer than in the hands of Rumfoords, as they have years of experience and a team of Metaverse experts. They’ve handled some high-profile brands with great success, such as Adidas, in their journeys into the Metaverse, and we’re sure that they could do the same for you.



If you’re building an NFT collection, consider a specialised NFT agency like CTRL/ART/D. As a full-stack NFT agency, CTRL/ART/D can help in design-focused areas like NFT production, NFT branding and NFT web design, but they also possess expertise in marketing including PR strategy.

Whilst again, there is some crossover with the web3 design agencies already mentioned, working with a specialist NFT design agency ensures you have access to a team that is vastly experienced within your specific sector of the industry.

And if you’re in any doubt about their design skills, you only need to look as far as the Kyiv-based agency’s own website which is awash with eye-catching visuals and delightful smooth scrolling effects.

5. Web3Design agency

Web3Design Agency are a web3 agency focused on improving the end user’s interaction with web3.

While they also offer web design and branding, their offering primarily focuses on improving user experiences in web3. As the copy on their homepage suggests, they are a web3 agency focused on “improving the look and feel of the blockchain world”.

Their website features an abundance of previous work from clients that have been backed by the likes of A16Z, Coinnase Ventures and Solana Foundation.

Our Verdict

As we touched on at the start of the article the most important thing to look for when selecting a web3 design agency is their case studies and previous work in the space. It’s best to review this and see if this work resonates with your brand and what you want to create.

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