GamiFi is a launchpad designed for the relatively new phenomenon of play-to-earn gaming which sees gamers utilise NFTs and blockchain technology to profit from their in-game endeavours. GamiFi required assistance with brand, design and development from a partner that understood the web3 space.

Aim of the game

The main challenge of the branding was to attract the crypto community to GamiFi whilst still appealing to traditional gamers such as eSports players.

The digitally-inspired logo and informal typography combined to deliver a gaming brand that had been created with the current era of gaming in mind.

On the other hand, our 3D gaming assets ensured GamiFi’s identity wasn’t too crypto-heavy and retained the playful feel that is important to gamers of any generation.

  • “Gamifi was all about play for us. How the visual identity could emanate playfulness and contribute to a gamified brand experience. 3D was also at the very heart of this brand project. Keep an eye out for the fighting swords, firing gun and curved ball on the live site.”

    Ellie Cordy

    — Art Director

Building on the brand

Following on from the brand, Supremo designed the GamiFi website and app, utilising our UX, UI and development services.

Our long-lasting partnership with GamiFi has seen us continue to work across many areas of the GamiFi project on a consultancy basis. Post launch, we have assisted with the creation of social media assets, utility NFTs and branded mini games.

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