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Design meets Web3

Supremo is a disruptive design agency that specialises in brand, UX and UI Design. After being avid followers and users of blockchain technology, we saw many unanswered design challenges and an opportunity to tailor our services exclusively to crypto startups and projects. As part of our own web3 journey we launched Avark - our official web3 partner agency.

Web3 Design Studio

We have over 3 years of experience as a web3 design agency.

At Supremo, we have a proven track record in the web3 space and can help you to launch your project. Whether you want us to assist with the inception of a new brand, or you need help to revamp an existing one, our team will assist you across every stage of your project; from brand creation to product design; websites to brand rollout within the web3 community.

Our services span across brand, UX design, web design and video & motion, meaning our web3 design agency has all the skills you'll need to create a consistent, compelling brand identity to help you rise above your competitors in the web3 space.

We understand that every brand is on a different journey. But unlike other design agencies, we're not here to help you, we're here to partner with you. Before we embark on the path to success together, we'll first carry out a discovery stage allowing us to really get to know one another. We'll uncover your brand values, brand purpose and future ambitions for your project. This will give our designers everything they need to craft a unique identity and solid strategy for your brand.

If you have a project and are looking for a design agency to help you ride the wave of web3, our team here at Supremo would love to hear from you. If you want to see how we've helped web3 brands just like you, keep reading to see some of the previous clients we've worked with across the blockchain space!


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FAQs About Our Web3 Design Agency

What to look for when selecting a Web3 Design Agency?

The most important thing you should look for when choosing a web3 design agency is their experience; the best way to check this is through the quantity and quality of case studies provided on an agency's website. A strong and deep portfolio ensures the web3 agency is looking to advance the space, rather than just looking to ride the profitable coattails of web3 and NFTs.

What are some examples of Web3 Brands?

Here are a few of the web3 brands that we've worked with at Supremo:

1. Launchpool

Launchpool is a crypto launchpad, revolutionising how blockchain-based projects get off the ground by providing them with access to capital via a Kickstarter-type platform.

2. Cavenwell

Cavenwell are a group of legal experts attempting to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 by combining their knowledge of legal issues with the expertise they possess in areas such as crypto and blockchain technology.

3. GamiFi

GamiFi is the launchpad of choice for Metaverse, Play-to-Earn, or blockchain-enabled games, bringing together traditional gamers and web3 enthusiasts.

4. Nifted

Nifted have created a new way to showcase your NFT collections on digital displays.

How much does Web3 Design cost?

The cost to work with a Web3 Design Agency can vary depending on 2 main factors. The deliverables required for the project, for example, do you require a brand refresh or a complete product design? The other major factor which can influence the cost of working with a dedicated Web3 Design Agency is the experience and skill level of the team you're working with.

The best way to get an estimate is to identify agencies you'd be interested in working with after looking through their work, and reaching out to them with the deliverables you require.

What makes Web3 Design different?

When designing anything it's important to have a strong understanding of the context of what you're designing, this is especially important when it comes to web3. Finding a web3 design agency means you won't have to waste time explaining the difference between a staking dashboard and a DEX, but it also means that the people designing your product actually understand the audience they're designing for.

As a web3 brand, you also face unique challenges that many web2 brands don't, one of these issues is around trust. Web3 brands have to fight a lot of misconceptions and sweeping generalisations that stem from bad actors and inaccurate perceptions of the space. Working with an agency that actually understands these unique challenges can have a huge impact on the design of your project.

If you're looking to launch a new web3 brand or develop your existing one, then look out for a design agency that possesses a deep understanding and experience in the specific area where your project is being developed.

Who are the top Web3 Design Agencies?

We've created an article on the Top Web3 Design Agencies in the space right now, all of which have case studies in the space to back up their work.