Cavenwell is a business solutions firm that specialises in providing corporate and legal structuring advice within the web3 space. Cavenwell approached us with the challenge of translating their ability to exist as a bridge between web3 and the corporate world through their brand. This involved logo design, brand guidelines, and web design.

Striking a balance

The main challenge was to position Cavenwell between their two target audiences.

On one side were corporate groups looking to enter the blockchain space. It was important not to overwhelm these potential clients with branding that was too focused around web3 and blockchains.

On the other hand, Cavenwell was targeting blockchain creators that were lacking in business expertise. Cavenwell’s identity needed to convince this group that they could speak their language when it came to NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse.

  • “This brief challenged us creatively, to create a brand that held its own and appealed to customers across the web 3.0 and traditional legal services space. The result, a strong and captivating brand that feels authentic, experienced and alludes to the new-wave that is Web 3.0.”

    Ellie Cordy

    — Art Director

Creating the bridge

We used three.js to create a more fluid identity for Cavenwell, taking the brand away from a static look that was more appropriate for a conventional brand.

At the same time, the monochromatic colour palette combined with the use of a wordmark as the leading logo and an abstract icon worked to keep a trustworthy, professional and corporate identity.

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