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Supremo launches Innovations of Manchester

The 16th of Feb 2020 is National Innovation Day .

From splitting the atom to Top of the Pops. We’re celebrating Innovation Day this year with our map of Manchester’s finest.

Our custom-built interactive map showcases 50 of Greater Manchester’s innovations throughout history up to the present day. It displays the dates and locations of key scientific, industrial and cultural landmarks in and around Manchester. 


For this site we wanted people to be able to learn about Innovation in Manchester at their leisure, so we built in a number of ways to navigate the site. There is a timeline view, up and down arrows on both screen and keyboard and alternatively clicking on a pin location on the map will automatically jump to each individual innovation.

Other functionalities include a share innovation button allowing users to share an individual innovation on Twitter. This is an ongoing project and you can get involved. Do you know of an innovation that’s not already listed? We’ve added a section for you to add your own entries.

Each innovation lists the name, date, location, photograph and a brief excerpt about the innovation. We also created custom illustrations in the timeline view for all 50 innovations shown.

Explore the site and its features for yourself here.

Innovation in Manchester

‘Innovation’ is a buzzword we throw around when coming up with a new idea, product or service. Manchester has had its fair share of bright ideas. Scientific breakthroughs, world records, inventions, feats of engineering – and bold steps towards social progress are certainly something to celebrate.

Did you know the submarine was invented by a Mancunian? Or that Rolls met Royce in the Midlands Hotel right here in Manchester? Or that the greatest secret agent in the world was made in Manchester he’s the strongest, he’s the quickest, he’s the best

Want to learn more?

Use the map’s timeline feature to brush up on your local knowledge, or browse by area to find innovations that have taken place on your doorstep. And if you’re new to the city, you can discover exciting places to visit.

Find innovations for yourself and view the live site here.

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