Motivado is a CRM direct marketing platform designed for B2B marketers and sales people. Motivado provides boutique style direct marketing products and materials that are packaged and delivered on behalf of its clients.  We were approached by Motivado to craft a brand identity that would sell the platform to its customer base.

A consultative, professional approach

Motivado’s brand proposition was clear, connecting quality offline campaign assets with smart online interaction. To address this through brand they wanted a premium look and feel that boosted an agency look and feel instead of a software aesthetic. The brand needed to convey warmth and the idea of using ‘gifting’ to warm up client leads, brightening up their day.

  • “Working on Motivado was a fun one for us; we played with colour and shape to create a brand that felt warm and welcoming, just like the gifting experience.”

    Ellie Cordy

    — Art Director

All wrapped up

To deliver this brief we created a brand mark that incorporated a flowing ribbon. The ribbon denotes gifting and then we used a sans serif typeface for a friendly look and feel. The black and white used in both the icon and typography creates a premium look. For the rest of the colour palette we used blue, mustard and a rust red; all organic and warm colours. To wrap up the branding we created a series of business cards, packaging designs and marketing collateral; all complimenting the idea of bespoke gifting for the corporate client.

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