Kyma Media are one of the largest gaming and sport media owners. Specialising in Instagram campaigns, they design engaging marketing content for businesses. Kyma approached us to create a fresh brand to be rolled out across all digital and print mediums.

We worked with Kyma to create a unique identity that would stand out from their competition and resonate with their audience.

Because Kyma are experts who guarantee results, we chose clean, modern visuals to project a professional tone. We used a bold colour palette, and included flowing lines and wave imagery. These add visual interest and reflect the creative element of Kyma’s services.

We’ve developed a range of visual assets for the Kyma team. These meet the different size and layout requirements of the marketing channels Kyma uses. While the assets offer a varied and interesting visual experience, they’ve a consistent look that clients will instantly recognise.

We gave Kyma a style guide of customised visual elements that capture their brand. The Kyma team can use this to retain a strong brand identity as the business evolves, and establish a long-standing connection with their audience.

"I couldn't recommend Supremo enough. I worked closely but remotely with them whilst working at Kyma. They provided an excellent service with highly talented and creative individuals. I couldn't fault their timelines and communication."

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