Join the Dots

Award-winning consumer insight agency, Join the Dots, approached us to create a seamless, mobile first experience. We were challenged with creating a slick solution that showcased their deep understanding of people, a quality that helps companies make better business decisions for their own audiences.


Working closely with the JTD team, we sketched out wireframes that visually described our vision for the site’s flow. Next, we took those wireframes and turned them into clickable prototypes that functioned as if they were the final product. We also created animated videos to demonstrate how elements of the site would animate. The content of these videos included: revealing how the user scrolled, showcasing slick page transitions and illustrating what could be achieved with some interesting javascript libraries.

Join the Dots were happy for us to work with their brand and build on it. With this project we took the opportunity to experiment with the latest web technologies. We worked closely with the JTD team to create a site that remained true to their tone of voice, whilst still pushing the boundaries with their existing brand assets.

"We've just completed our JoinTheDots website rebuild with Supremo and love it! The whole process has been fast and efficient from start to finish. The team have been great to work with and the response from our staff has been overwhelming: The new website is AMAZING! Probably the best mobile website experience I’ve ever had. Thank you Supremo!"

Join the Dots - Kate Rhodes


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