Hadean is a deep tech company focussed on creating the next generation of cloud compute through a distributed platform that enables a single developer to write and run code at any scale using their existing tool chain. Currently, their dominant application is video games but Hadean’s tech is progressing into areas such as: life sciences, medical technology and financial technologies.

The Brief

A disruptive site for a disruptor brand

Hadean came to us looking to design and build a website that would establish the product and it's capabilities within different verticals. Being the makers of the world’s first cloud-first operating system, Hadean are game changers within their industry. Part of sharing their success required our team to have a full understanding of what they do, to then be able to explain it to your average person.

The website needed to represent the disruptive vision of the company. Other considerations included making it more coherent for the target audiences, scalable for future applications and delivering it on-brand. The main target audience operate within the gaming industry and so our work needed to feel media rich, futuristic but with clean UX.

Wireframes & UX

Sustainable site architecture to facilitate growth

Today Hadean are tackling some of the hardest computational problems in society, whilst exploring alternative application areas in Research & Development. In the wireframing stage our direction was clear, facilitate growth. Therefore, the UX had to lend itself to the expansion of new features and applications areas in the near future. We needed to promote and simplify their offering within the wireframes. Site structuring had to be well organised and logical for users to be able to see all of Hadean’s capabilities and understand the benefits and applications.

  • “We were given detailed insights on HadeanOS and its capabilities. The whole Supremo team were in awe of how this tech could be used in cancer research, environmental forecasting and FinTech. In this process we’ve become real brand advocates for Hadean.”

    Ellie Cordy

    — Creative Producer


Contrast and clean lines deliver cutting edge designs

We took Hadean’s existing brand and worked with it, pushing it further whilst ensuring that delivery was consistent across the site. The bold red, yellow and orange colour scheme and triangles led the design. Angles cutting the banner, nav bar and page footer mimicked the triangular logo. Clean lines and high contrast colours give the site a slick and professional feel. We created adaptations of the client’s logo across the site and used animated masks for transitions to provide a richer experience for users.

When creating the homepage the design called for video content at the centre. With Hadean’s gaming applications and the renowned Aether wars, we were spoilt for choice for video content. We edited game footage to craft a fast paced cut-to video that grabs the audience as soon as they land on the site.

Design Assets

Insights into illustrations

We were tasked with creating some visual assets for the site content. To complete this work, we had to get to know Hadean’s product offerings before communicating them in the simplest way through iconography and illustration. By working closely with Hadean we were able to put pen to paper and sketch out ideas that were later drawn up in illustrator. Our goal was to create simple and easy to understand visual content whilst building on the brand and setting Hadean apart from its competitors.

  • “Our goal was to symbolise Hadean’s key features and functionalities in a simple and easy to understand manner, whilst adding to the brand.”

    Dan Heywood

    — Head of Design


High speed performance, scalability and power

To bring this site to life and really highlight the product’s application for video games, we used animated effects and transitions made with GreenSock. We made our illustrations as SVGs so that it would appear super crisp on all screens and a low file size allows the site to load even faster. Hadean’s marketing strategy required the website to be built in Hubspot CMS.

Working with this CMS complimented our modular approach to design and build. Our way of working supported the initial brief of scalability and future-proofing by ensuring that the marketing team can continue to curate the website in-house. Using our custom templates, Hadean can continue to craft new sections and pages as powerful and high performing as the rest of the site.

“They provided a site that was nothing short of brilliant – exceeding my expectations from a creative standpoint. They are a wonderful team to work with and I will definitely look to them again in the future should the opportunity arise. Thanks team!”

Chris Malby-Tynan - Digital Marketing Manager

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