GrowUp is a Manchester based plant store that is on a mission to help people get the most out of their houseplants. From friendly ferns to cool cacti, GrowUp promises to guide each customer on every step of their plant growing journey. We created a brand identity that represented the credibility of their vast knowledge while also showing their fun, relaxed personality.

A new brand on Manchester soil

We worked to create an identity that would be as vibrant as their plants while still communicating the company’s knowledge and offerings.

We achieved this by creating a strong logo that made the brand look both reliable and playful. Patterns and illustrations were then brought in to reflect their more relaxed side. These two elements were then paired with copy that was friendly and open to create the brand’s balanced personality.

Welcome in!

Next we rolled out this new identity across varying assets, starting with the store itself. We applied the new look to both the interior and exterior of the store to ensure the welcoming nature of GrowUp’s persona shone through to shoppers.

From seed to sale

It was vital that our brand rollout covered every touchpoint of the order process. This included invoice templates, mailer boxes and packing materials for a comprehensive application of the identity.

Branching out

We wanted to create a fun yet relaxed brand that would grow new life into the plant shop landscape. Now it was time to design the website to match. The Ul of the website focused on showcasing the personality of the brand, both in the messaging and the imagery. This resulted in a structured yet creative website that encouraged the user to explore while also following proven e-commerce UX patterns.

In full bloom

The brand truly blossomed once we created extra merchandise to show the variety of the brand identity. GrowUp was able to showcase their USP of matching each customer with their perfect plant which included providing the tools to thrive through their Plant Care Kits. Along with tote bags and gift cards, this allowed the brand to plant the seed of knowledge while making the hobby of botany accessible to all.

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