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Ask Supremo: Desert Island

In our latest Ask Supremo, I asked Ian, Mike and Dan a question that really can tell you a lot about a person…

If you were stuck on a desert island, what are the three things you would take with you?

Ian’s choices rated highly for the entertainment factor…

I’m absolutely obsessed with Footgolf at the moment so I’d take a football and dig some holes, make some flags from bamboo from the Island etc and then turn the island into one big Footgolf course.

Pretty sad really.

I’d also take a pen and a thick notebook and ideally a computer loaded with Football Manager.

I think I’d be pretty content with all that… I wouldn’t last very long but I’d have fun!

Dan’s choices were slightly different but very logical:

I’d take my glasses as I wouldn’t get very far without the gift of sight.

As well as that, a water filter type thing, something that would filter the sea water down so I could drink it and be alright. I’m sure it exists.

And probably Ray Mears or some other survival expert to do the majority of the work for me!

And Mike just seems to be looking forward to his holiday!

I’d take a football, a comfy pillow and the only fools & horses boxset (with something to play it on, obviously!)

I think I’d be tempted to give up and see it as a jolly, too…

I’d take a hammock and live the dream, my phone with nothing but Spotify downloaded (maybe Twitter at a push – just so I can send out my SOS), and my favourite book!

Desert island

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