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How to Know it’s Time for a Brand Refresh?

Brand identity is an integral part of a business as it helps to communicate brand values and personality. As a business evolves, so should its brand. Every strong brand needs a lick of paint every once in a while, so how can you tell when it’s time for your brand to have a refresh? 

A picture showing the four changes to the instagram logo

Your brand looks dated

Do you find yourself constantly apologising for how dated your brand identity looks? Every brand goes through a refresh at some point. Nowadays, every brand needs to be on their A-game. Even major brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Netflix and Instagram have gone through various brand identity tweaks throughout the years.

A picture showing rows of silhouettes with two shaded in

Your brand audience has shifted.

If your brand audience has changed, your brand needs to evolve too. Your brand identity needs to appeal to your target demographic. Therefore, if you’re looking to target a whole new audience, it makes sense to adjust your brand to achieve that.

Pictures showing greyed out social media squares

Your brand doesn’t stand out from your competitors anymore.

Do you find new competitors cropping up with eerily similar brand identities and approaches to yours? It’s important to stay ahead of the game and stand out from the crowd. In that event, you might need to step up your branding with a refresh.

Branding elements such as pictures and text all inconsistent sizes

It’s visually inconsistent. 

Are you finding that as your brand grows, it’s becoming more and more visually inconsistent? Your brand identity needs to remain consistent across all platforms in your business. If your business is putting out content that looks different each time, you’re going to struggle to increase your brand awareness and recognition. The solution may be a set of refreshed brand guidelines, that way all of your brand rules are set in stone and you can avoid any inconsistencies. 

Four different shapes in a line

Your brand identity no longer reflects your brand values. 

If you find that your brand isn’t representing the values that your business holds, you might need to consider a refresh. You’ll find that if your brand isn’t effectively conveying your brand values it won’t resonate well with people.

A small square and an arrow pointing to a big one

Your brand is expanding. 

If your brand is expanding you’ll most likely need to reevaluate your brand identity. Whether it be expanding into new territories or forming a new partnership, your brand identity will need to be adjusted accordingly.

If you’ve found yourself nodding your head along to any of the points above, then it may be time to consider a brand refresh.

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