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Over 12 years of experience as a Web Design Agency based in Manchester, working with clients across the world.

A Web Design Agency in Manchester that will help put your brand on a pedestal. Supremo are an independent Web Design Agency that was formed in 2011 in Manchester. We specialise in building websites for disruptive brands.

The team at Supremo have a wealth of experience when it comes to designing visually impactful and user-centric websites that convert and enable you to stand out against your competition.

We understand that every brand is on a different journey. But unlike other web design agencies operating in Manchester, we’re not here to help you, we’re here to join you. Before we embark on the path to success together, we’ll first carry out a design discovery stage allowing us to really get to know one another. This will give our designers everything they need to craft your website.

If you’re a business based in Manchester or even further afield and are looking for a web design and brand agency to help shine a light on your brand, our team here at Supremo would love to hear from you. If you want to see how we’ve helped brands just like you, keep reading to see some of the previous clients we’ve worked with!

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FAQs About Our Web Design Agency In Manchester

What does a Web Design Agency do?

A Web Design Agency like Supremo will work with you to design, build, improve, and maintain your business website. Some Web Design Agencies may also offer additional design services such as Branding and Videography.

How does a Web Design Agency work?

Most professional Web Design Agencies in Manchester and across the UK will have a process that outlines how they work with businesses to deliver new websites. This often consists of similar areas such as:

  1. Discovery - An initial discovery stage to discuss the requirements of your website, what is the overall aim of the website, is it to attract new business, demo your product, attract investors? During a discovery phase a Web Design Agency will establish the key purpose of the site and the audience you’re trying to target.

  2. Wireframes - One of the first steps after discovery is to define the information hierarchy of your website, making it easier to plan the layout according to how your users process the information. The wireframes act as a content plan for the site, focusing purely on the user journey and site structure rather than the visual design. Picture it as an architectural blueprint.

  3. Design - Once wireframes are signed off then the process moves to Web Design. Here designers will work with your existing brand assets or generate new assets, creating designs that deliver your concept. Often working from mood-boards for inspiration and look at designs you like and dislike. When we’ve mocked up initial homepage design you’ll be sent a prototype link to view and feedback on. When you’re happy with the homepage concept we’ll roll out the design across the rest of the website.

  4. Development - The development stage is all about taking your website designs and building them out in code ready for the web. During this stage the development team will add the finishing touches to your website with animations and page transitions. Depending on the scope of your project at this stage in the process the Web Design Agency will also work on building out a CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to easily edit the content on your website without the need for a developer. Examples of a CMS include Wordpress, Craft, and Drupal. During this stage the web design agency will share a staging or development link which will allow you to preview your website before you decide to push it live.

  5. Launch - Once you’re happy with your website the web design agency will work with you to push it live onto your website domain so that your new website is live!

  6. Improve and Maintain - The process doesn’t stop there, over time its important to track the performance of your website and improve and change the site to meet your customer's needs.
How much does Web Design Cost?

The cost of working with a Web Design Agency varies depending on your requirements and the functionality of the website. Different elements can impact the cost of your website, including:

  1. Type of website - Some websites, such as E-commerce/Shopify, often require higher development costs due to the time required to build complex functionality compared to a simple brochure-style website, which serves to inform users about your offerings.

  2. Size of your website - One of the most significant factors influencing the cost of your website is its size. If you need a website with over 20 different templates to cater to various stakeholders then these costs will be very different to a more simple one page website.

  3. CMS/CRM Integration - Many businesses in Manchester desire the flexibility to edit website content, create new pages, and manage their site without the need for a development agency. Integrating a Content Management System (CMS) provides this control but also entails additional costs. For businesses collecting customer information, you may want this to integrate with existing CRM software, such as Salesforce.

These are just some of the factors that can affect the pricing of working with a Web Design Agency in Manchester. At Supremo, as a Manchester-based Web Design Agency, our projects typically start at £5,000 for a basic one-page brochure website. For more extensive projects requiring multiple pages, advanced functionality, and integrations, the cost can exceed £40,000.